The Deadly Tower of Monsters Now Available

DTOM (24)

Ever wondered what it would be like to see a 1970’s late night science fiction B-movie as a video game? As a loving homage, hamage… Ha-mage? (Yes we know the spelling!) to the genre, Atlus and ACE Team have teamed up to bring this ludicrously fun game to a local dvd player.. I mean.. Uh… Game machine near you on PlayStation 4 and PC. With the game just having launched it will have a 33% discount on it for the first two weeks! Can’t go swinging your fancy VHS tapes at that now can you? Well you can as long as you go hide this game in the deep confines of Netflix’s streaming library, but that’s not what we are talking about!

If you are one for enjoying low budget cinema at its finest, dialogue written by someone who has never heard a single person talk in their life or even just wanted to listen to someone discuss how they “borrowed” their costumes from a local colleges theater department, here’s your game! It’s hysterical, its quirky, and even has a few little puns towards other sci-fi flicks in it. The game is just what it sounds like, a cheesy 1970’s sci-fi flick that didn’t do good, but became an enjoyable entity for people to watch, we mean play!


So who doesn’t want to go into outer space in this game as the dashing lead man and his not-so-human lady only to overthrow the malevolent lead villain that dares to wear the title emperor? Well here’s your chance starting today!

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is now available in the Americas and Europe! For a 2-week period, the game will be on sale for ~33% off on Steam and PlayStation Network! Steam users will also receive a bonus digital calendar featuring Stacy Sharp!


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