Gran Turismo Sport Crashes onto PlayStation 4 in 2016


If you’re a driving game enthusiast you know that a Gran Turismo game means big things. From some of the most beautiful graphics one could imagine that focuses on car models only to race forth onto the courses they are meant to be unleashed upon. Want to know how these graphics and realistic aspects are possible? Gran Turismo’s team has teamed up with FIA to bring one of the most realistic and beautiful games to date for fans to enjoy. This series means business as fans once more get to hit the tracks against each other in Gran Turismo Sport as it debuts exclusively on the PlayStation 4 in 2016. The beta is stated to land Spring 2016.

For fans who want to go online and show who’s the best, Gran Turismo Sport will have two FIA online championships that will run side by side. The first is the Nations Cup where fans will represent the country they are from while the Manufacturers cup will allow fans to race for the manufacturer they support most.

So what does the winner get? They will be awarded in the same manner as a real life Motorsports champion would – a FIA prize giving ceremoy. For the first time in games players will officially be recognized as part of the real life motoring world. Sty tuned for more information.

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