Paperbound is On Sale and Gets an Update

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Did you get a chance to play that little indie title we enjoyed by the name of Paperbound? You didn’t? Now is your chance for PlayStation 4 for 50% off for non-PlayStation Plus members and 60% off for members. In this new update we will see a campaign mode for solo and cooperative play. Want to change up your gameplay? Well the game will offer that with Game Mutators that will change how the game works such as having no projectiles unless you pick them up from pick up areas within the arena. If that’s not for you there is also the Super Secret Soccer Mode and by the name of it? It is just as fun as possible when not taking into the randomized match rotations regarding arena, game type, and or even mutators for each of those matches.

The sale is part of SCEA’s Summer Blast promotion, and Paperbound will be 50% off (60% for PS+ users) until 8/11 at 12 noon PST. So get this game while you can! You can also check out our review.

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