Might & Magic Franchise Celebrates 20th Anniversary this Week

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Are you a fan of Might & Magic and want to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the franchise? If so, you’re in for a surprise. Those of you who are awaiting Might & Magic Heroes VII will be entering a second beta that will be scheduled for August 26th, 2015.

With the series having been around for 20 years, Might & Magic Heroes VII will release exclusively on PC this September 29th, and will be celebrating by once more having set another standard in computer strategy titles. By combining with both a deep fantasy universe and a completely strategy filled experience, the game fills in with a largely depth-filled RPG experience and a strong story that helps back it up with a ever-more detailed world compared to many known titles as before.

After having had a rather successful closed beta the first time around, Ubisoft and the team have decided that they will run a second one on August 26th to September 2nd. In this time frame, those who play will get to test out part of the Shadow Council initiative, which will allow for fans to test out the extra factions that are included in this beta. That will include the Sylvan and the Dungeon whom will now storm across the battlefield in the second phase of the beta.

After the success of the first closed beta, a second closed beta will take place on August 26 and will run untilSeptember 2. As part of the Shadow Council initiative, players had the opportunity to choose the extra factions that will be included in the second closed beta. As a result, Sylvan and Dungeon will storm in as the two new factions for this second phase of the beta.

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