Edge Case Games Secures 1.3 Million USD Funding led by Mercia Technologies

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Many of you might be familiar with the company Edge Case Games who is known for their games Fractured Space and Strike Suit Zero, which have been rather successful with fans and media sources alike. As a developer and self-publisher of the combat game Fractured Space, we’ve learned that Edge Case Games has received a total funding of $1.3 million (£850,000); led by the UK-based Mercia Technologies, an investor who is known as for helping out with UK technology. For those unfamiliar with Mercia, they helped the developers of the popular title Soccer Manager grow its user base to over 10 million.

With this investment, we’ve learned that it will help Edge Case Games accelerate their development as well as help them push their technological based boundaries for this team-based space combat title. This will also help them explore on how to expand the game’s worldwide audience by adapting the game for the growing Asian market that plays it.

Mercia’s investment will boost the development resources available to realize our shared vision for what Fractured Space can become at launch and beyond”, said James Brooksby, CEO and Co-Founder of Edge Case Games. “We are especially pleased to continue our work with Mercia’s Head of Digital Mike Hayes, whose experience as former CEO of SEGA has made him a highly valuable asset to the team.

Edge Case is an exciting young company that has the opportunity to create a large and successful worldwide brand, and we’re eager to aid its growth into what could be a leading player in the online PC gaming industry”, said Mercia’s Head of Digital Mike Hayes.

Having achieved critical and commercial success from their initial launch of Fractured Space on Steam’s “Early Access” platform in November 2014, Edge Case Games is now planning to release a full, free-to-play version of Fractured Space late 2015. The Early Access launch of Fractured Space generated 400,000 users in its first five months, with PC Games commenting that: “the final product may well be one of the best space combat games ever made”.

Edge Case Games is based in Guildford, a developer hotspot that is also home to industry players including Ubisoft and Electronic Arts. The studio was formed by industry veterans James Brooksby and Chris Mehers, whose previous title, the action space title Strike Suit Zero, launched in January 2013 to attract an audience of over 1.4 million players on PC and console. We just hope this means we can see a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release in the upcoming years.

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