Fallout Anthology on PC Announced for September 29th

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Written by Dustin Murphy


During the opening day of QuakeCon’s 20th Anniversary, we learned that Bethesda Zenimax has prepared an amazing collection for you fans who have yet to get your hands on the games. As of now, you can head out, and pre-order this limited edition bundle, which features every Fallout to date with five critically-acclaimed games, but also their add-on’s in this premium collectible set with a space reserved for one special game; Fallout 4. This collection is packaged together with a mini-nuke storage case with an audible bomb sound that it makes.

This Fallout Collection includes the following:

Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition

  • The Pitt
  • Operation: Anchorage
  • Broken Steel
  • Point Lookout
  • Mothership Zeta

Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition

  • Dead Money
  • Honest Hearts
  • Old World Blues
  • Lonesome Road
  • Gun Runners’ Arsenal
  • Courier’s Stash

Fallout Tactics
Fallout 2

How much will you pay for all these titles? An amazing 49.99 USD, but remember that these games are a limited edition and will only be available while supplies last. Keep up-to-date with the latest information for the series at bethsoft.com.

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