Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter Invade QuakeCon!

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Written by Dustin Murphy


It’s a warm day here in Dallas, Texas, but for Boston? It’s even hotter. Today we are here to witness multiple things. We’ve gone hands-on with DOOM’s multiplayer Pre-Alpha, we’ve played Bombshell, and we’ve managed to go hands-on with Killing Floor 2 among many other games. We’ve gotten our hands on Vault Boy masks, awesome collectibles, and even memorabilia that will be decorating our office(s). Yesterday we got our hands on some of the biggest information possible aside from the fact DOOM will be heading into Beta early next year, and some of you will be getting a hold of it even sooner than before.

Today we are sitting in front of the Fallout 4 press panel where we will get more inside information that will be exclusive to attendees here at QuakeCon’s 20th anniversary. With the lights dim, the QuakeCon logo on the screens, and the well known QuakeCon stage lit up giving us the feel of a strogg base, we are ready to see what is going on, and before long? We will just get that when members of Bethesda Zenimax will step on stage and let us see what is coming up with this falls upcoming release. Enter the Fallout Universe where Boston is our next place to be. A place where we will get to see what has happened once the bombs fell when the war started. With Fallout 4 landing on November 10th, 2015, fans can expect to see some huge changes coming this fall, with the game including console modding and even showing how mods will work.

Starting off the QuakeCon exclusive Fallout 4 presentation, Pete Hines, Global VP of Marketing for Bethesda has stepped onto stage to inform us about what we needed to know. As part of the presentation, we were asked to lockdown our camera’s, our phones, and any recording devices we may have. That means those creepy as Hell Google Glasses are right there with it. Once Pete finishes going over the highlights of what’s going on – executive producer, Todd Howard for Bethesda Studios, Todd Howard has stepped on stage to present us with Fallout 4. 20 years ago, he helped develop Terminator: Future Shock, and informed us about his feeling he would crash the party on us. As his first return since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, we learned that a lady went into labor during the presentation. Was it named Dragonborn? We don’t know, but it’s good enough for us. Our attendance? Out did that of E3, which allows us to see a bunch of new stuff, but also a behind-the-scenes look at Fallout 4. Looking at the history of Fallout, we learn that the launch of the nuclear bombs had launched, and on screen? We saw the Fallout universe has changed rather heavily as we learn the game starts out in the past. A place where Mr. Handy’s were helping mow lawns, take care of houses, and the fact we will be visiting Boston in the 1950’s when the war starts out. That means we even get to see a “House of Tomorrow”. We got to see that the robots were built from the inside-out, but this means we also get to hear Stephen Russel return as Mr. Handy robots once more. Looking at a video clip, we get to see Codsworth in action, where he is helping take care of the house, and even help raise your baby. We even get to hear names such as Mr. McFly and Mr. Fart Face as your babies name from Codsworth. This even shows us a picture that has been a rather large image of the infamous Vault-Tec vaults. In Fallout 4 we’ve also learned that the Vault Suits have changed, and in truth? We get to see a picture River, Lee Joel Bridges dog, which is the model for Dog Meat, so they decided to use River as the character for several years so that they could make an authetnic character for in-game uses with some behind the scenes work. This includes River running through the fields, playing, and how she transitioned from that to in the game. This means her chasing a frisbee in real life to going in game where she is tearing apart an enemy. Even fetching a stick only to bring it back where she brings back a wrench to your character in-game. This includes her fetching toys from under a table, and chasing her owner down. This means Dogmeat has become a very real creature, and a digital portiature of the character itself. We even get to meet a new character named Preston who leads the Common-wealth Minute Men.

As with characters in the game, it has become even busier for them as they work on Preston, which lets us meet the new Minute Men. We learn about Ghouls in Lexington have devestated the game. This means we saw footage from the mo-cap that is three years old before it was transformed to the in-game engine. This means even assisting the Minute Men against the raiders that invade Boston. We learn that the game isn’t just developed upon pre-rendered characters, but instead recordings from actors that they can use to create the residents of things such as Fenway Park’s ruins, where we get to meet the new Diamond City. Diamond City allows us to meet one of the new companions by the name of Piper who is screaming at the Diamond City door to enter. This includes that we get to see the multi-choice options that the game has. AS you join the Commonwealth, we get to see the character in action, but we even see a character that uses Codsworth’s voice; The Mayor of Diamond City. We also learnt hat you get to help write articles in the game by doing missions, this includes a display of four of the games companions including the return of Codsworth, Dogmeat, Preston, and Piper. The fans? They definitely want Dogmeat as they shout out from the crowd. Want to play a lonewanderer? You can do that for sure.

As we go through the presentation, we learn that Fallout Shelter is heading to Android devices starting August 13th, 2015. This means those of you who did not get an opportunity to play this game on iOS, you can play this. This includes new features where you will get to use new attacks, new enemies, and even fight off the Deathclaws as they rampage through your barracks, ravage your towns, and even make you fight to save your vaults. This includes Mr. Handy can join your vault where he will go through your vault, pick up resources, and even protect your people as the base is invaded; he also can go out into the wasteland and help fend off enemies while scavening. iOS users will get the update of the content that appears on the newly launched Android version. Todd Howard also informs us that the game will get expanded even more through the app. This new app will help function as Pip-Boys, which unfortunately, we learned that the Pip-Boy edition has been given away at QuakeCon for three lucky winners. We also get to see a video clip regarding the president of Vault-Tec as Jony Ive discusses what the Pip-Boy will function. This means we will get to see the new Pip-Boy, this means the display has been increased, with more stats, a radio dial, and even learn that he had to go way beyond what they were doing to improve upon it from previous titles.

We get to see how the Pip-Boy influences this game, that means special character systems, stats, and what they will do for you as part of the game. This means we actually get to see the S.P.E.C.I.A.L.S. and how they will follow each other in bonuses gained. This includes Strength that it will help you find your resources and allow for you to once more carry even more equipment you want and need. With strength? This also means defending yourself using your fist, the ripper, bat, nail board, paddle ball (not really), and even the in-game power fist. Some moments, of course, will require more than muscle. Strength even allows for players to use special utilities, craft special items, and even how it works for you in-game. This means S.P.E.C.I.A.L.’s have become even more important in-game. These videos? Will be released as Bethesda works to launching the upcoming title. We also learned that, as you leve, you get to gain special perks, this means going through each tree, picking the perk, and leveling up. This emans your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. perk will allow you to pick a perk that belongs to that skill tree. Each of these perks do have individiually perks will join up. With 70 base perks, that means 275 points in-total in order to max all of them out, let alone can you move your points out later on it seems. With Todd getting ready to show us some extended gameplay, the crowd has begun to cheer on. With littlebits having been shown before such as E3, we get to see the town of Lexington, which has been invaded by Ghoul’s, but now a group of raiders has even invaded one of the factories in the town. Combat scenario’s we learn will be the same as the previous titles; free form, which means you can play the game however you want, and continue doing so in years to come. As the video begins, we see that the player has gained XP for discovering LExington. In turn, he has ripped out an assault rifle with Dogeat ahead who has begin to hunch over, growl, and pick up an enemies scent. In turn? We get to see Feral Ghoul’s dropping from the windows. With their fast movement, we see the ghouls charge the player and the enemy take on +4 rads, and in turn, combat is furious, enemies losing limbs, charging on, and even eating a few rounds from the laser rifle. With the engine having been fully maxed out, we once more get to see that combat has evolved in order to become even more ferocious. Want to visit a Super Duper Mart? Not a problem; it’s there. We also get to see Dogmeat head over, loot an enemy while the player searches through all the resources in the computer. This means we also get to see the quick options of once more having. We also witness Dogmeat being sent out to lock down the building while a robot protector patrols the store.

With lock-picking one more returning, we witness that XP has also returned, supplies have been put on the counter, and a Scattered Laser Musket is in the game. With the critical system being in-place, the gun is nastier than ever with its crank-up wheel. We also get to see the Flamer in action while the player is being assaulted by the Ghouls. As they return to the common wealth we get to see a body stuck in a basketball goal net. We also get to hear raiders in the distance as the player rips out a sniper and begins popping heads like watermelons in-order to enter the Corvega Assembly Plant. A group of raiders can be heard while the player sneaks around the corner only to go into the critical system in order to shoot one of the raiders heads in half as well as part of the torso while they grab the combat shotgun in order to go close range. This means even blowing off the enemies arm with it. The game has turned super gory, which to some, could be an issue, but to us? It’s gorgeous. As explores the factory, we learn that gas barrels can be targeted as an explosive ordinance, we also learn that Dogmeat absolutely hates Raiders as he helps dispatch them one by one. Stimpacks are also displayed to do their ould job, but only before the raiders decide to invade the Raider factory. This includes us watching both enemies taking on each other, and you taking out the winner who is heavily damaged from the combat scenario. Want a mini-gun? That’s not a problem as the player goes Terminator on them before finding a comic book to level a state. After that mini-gun is put up? We get to see the player rip out their bladed bat, critical hit the enemy in the leg, and quickly whack his arm off with the said weapon only to make them look like a dull and powerless troublemaker. The after scene of this? We see a vehicle above, and in return we also get to see a raider scavenger attack the player with a rocket, quickly damaging the area around them while he pulls out an energy weapon only to start hosing the player down while heavy armored friendlies join the scene with laser weapons. We also get to see the Brotherhood helicopter taken out, killed, and the player very heavily damaged by the rocket. In return? We get to see a rocket launcher armed, shot, and the player damage this enemy very heavily. Want a mini-nuke? The Fat Man is back, and it is more beautiful than ever as the player equips it, launches it, and even Mini-Nukes the nearby Raiders while a Behemoth charges in, eats the Fat Man Nuke like its a pebble before being hit with a critical shot from it. As the gameplay ends there is only one impression that can be felt by any of us. Vault 111 is very welcoming to those of us who have filled the auditorium. Welcome to Fallout 4, a game that changes the overall appeal of the game, but also shows that the game has expanded, which has made it just as big as it was before. Just mark those calender’s for this November 11th, and prepare to enter Boston for one Hell of a party.

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