Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 Edit Mode Outlined by Koei Tecmo

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Set to release on June 30th, 2015, Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 seeks to invade both the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita as a handheld exclusive game. As it gets closer to its release, screen shots, trailers, and more information has began to release about what to expect in this upcoming title. This includes, and is not limited to, screen shots, gameplay, and information about the games modes. Today that mode is the new “Edit Mode” that will be featured in the game.


As many know, Edit Mode will be on of the key features with this title, and with it, players will be creating their own character. In this version, Koei Tecmo has included the fan-favorited version that was released with Samurai Warriors 4. This includes a deep level of customizations such as armours, weapons, accessories, facial features, hair, and more. With this version? Players will be able to use their default costumes of the famous warriors that are befriended by those characters.

Unlike before, friendships and maintaining them has become a very intergral part of the game as players go through the games campaign. As players work more up their relationships, players will find themselves unlocking new and unique designs as players go through their game.

Our Take:
When it comes down to games with a lot of customzation, it’s astonishing to see Samurai Warriors Chronicle 3 grow as a game that wants to pull players in even more with in-depth customization. Hopefully this time around, players will see everything grow and become more fleshed out over time.

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