Lost Dimension for PlayStation 3 and Vita Gets Dated and Bonus DLC for Free

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Written by Dustin Murphy
Lost Dimension, maybe you’ve heard of it, and maybe you can’t. Developed by Lancarse and published by ATLUS, Lost Dimension has been given the street date of July 28th, 2015, and for two weeks after that date, both companies have announced that players will be able to download more than 20 USD worth of the DLC for free. What’s with this content? Well, the game has been excitedly received, and one that both companies are excited to see launch. What’s the free DLC? Lets take a look.
Free Promotional Content Includes:
  • 12 Free PlayStation Network Avatars (to represent 11 heroes and heroines in the game)
  • 9 in-game costumes
  • A map set that features additional story
  • 3 DLC Side-Quests to gain extra experience with


So what does that mean? The characters you play will get to have new costumes that vary in new ways in order to allow them to tactically, and lets put it blunt, kick ass in the world they are in. One includes Toya getting a dapper suit and Mana getting her superheroine outfit, but that’s not all it’s limited to. Anything in between is free game. Do note that the costumes are only cosmetic and do not provide a stat boost of any sort while on the battlefield, and that is where the game offers a lighthearted change of appearance, until of course it comes time to erase Kitty Marco from existence, as put by ATLUS.
Now lets take a look at these three extra quest missions to see exactly what they do! While they don’t provide much EXP or EN (EN is money in the game), players will also have a chance to unlock a specialized item for individual character bonuses if the missions are completed with an S-Rank rating. Do note, that these missions do come in different levels as explained to us by ATLUS:
  • The Emissary from the Netherworld: Moderately difficult
  • The Price of Blood: More difficult
  • Runaway Cause and Effect: Most difficult

Last, but not least, the additional map pack called “The Beginning of the End” is a story that runs separate from the main campaign and takes place in an entirely new location. With five missions in total, players will get to explore the creation of the game’s central Pillar, but also the story behind the heroes and heroines of the game.

All of the above DLC will be completely free for the two weeks following the game’s launch this summer. Along with the launch of the game, fans will be able to purchase additional paid items that will range from 49 cents to 99 cents, which will let them gain additional helper items. These items can be consumed by characters in order to help gain experience, money, and other stats with a passive boost before battle. Another batch of DLC that will be available will also range from 49 cents to 2.99 USD and will offer a chance to increase vision points and restore a characters SAN (sanity) stats. These items will typically help out when running through Judgement scenarios.The game is slated to launch on July 28th for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and VitaTV.

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