Destiny’s Vault Patch Launches Today and it’s Huge

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Written by Dustin Murphy


We know Destiny is a game that has attracted millions that want to play it, which is astonishing for any game, and it does not lose its pace with listening to player feedback thanks to the games development team taking feedback critically. With Vault Space and Volume control having been a big issue, it left many people dumbfounded on why it was so limited, why Destiny had hit some huge bugs, and where volume control was for those wanting to tune sounds to their fitting. Starting today, Destiny’s team at Bungie has listened and taken that feedback rather critically. Starting today players can download the patch (Reportedly between 6.05gb’s across all platforms). So what is contained in this patch? Lets take a small look at the notes. We’re sure there’s more in Update 1.1.2 than what we are seeing. Could we be seeing the patch that pre-loads some of The House of Wolves? We’ll have to wait and find out.

Official 1.1.2 Patch Notes (highlight): 

Spotlight Improvements & Additions
Vault Capacity increased to 24 Armor Slots, 36 Weapon Slots, and 24 General Slots
-*Disabled gear comparison in Vault on Xbox 360 & PS3 platforms to account for additional slot
Colorblind support (deuteranopia, protanopia, tritanopia) added for highly color-driven gameplay elements
-Motion tracker
-Loot drops
-Shield energy
-Item categories
Audio Controls are now available in the Settings menu
-Volume control
-Music toggling
Item Lock now allows players to prevent gear and weapon items from being accidentally dismantled
The purple ball has been reborn in the tower as an interactive sphere with a parallaxed energy core that grows with object velocity and tints based off time of day

Weapons – General
Fixed a bug that caused a player to lose ammo when switching weapons while dead
Fixed a bug where ammo consumables did not reliably replenish ammo
Pocket Infinity behavior is less likely to fail during edge case conditions
4th Horseman weapon stats restored to original intended values

Updated Thorn’s first-person player feedback poison effect
White Nail perk no longer triggers on immune targets
Defensive Reflex (Don’t Touch Me) perk no longer triggers on throwing knives
Performance Bonus ammo on Fusion Rifles reduced to match Shotguns and Sniper Rifles
Fixed an issue introduced in 1.1.1 that allowed Ice Breaker to persist ammo after respawn

Players can now choose to wear their helmets in social spaces
Quest loot pyramid baubles are now easier to spot
Added Quest indicator badges to the Tower when a Quest is either completed and ready to turn in
Increased Crota’s Bane Reputation rewards on Eris Morn’s bounties
Fixed a bug where Major Thralls had two jaws and two left hands
Fixed a bug where player’s equipped items did not receive experience from completing missions
Fixed a bug where the Black Garden Level 30 Featured Story was incorrectly listed at Level 28
Fixed a bug where Heavy Ammo consumables were not available for purchase from Xûr

Even though these are not all the notes, they are a good chunk showing what has come down the rail in order to make the experience better, but to also offer fans a more enjoyable experience. For a full list of patch notes you can go here and check out all the bug fixes, additions, and changes we didn’t put into our highlighted glimpse of features. Is there changes you would like to see? Then head on over to and let them know!

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