Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Sales One Million Copies

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Were you one of those who couldn’t wait to get your hands on Capcom’s latest and greatest Monster Hunter title? As of today, Capcom has sent out the news and excitedly has stated that they have officially shipped more than one million units combined between digital and retail formats since the games launch on February 13th, 2015. This means the game itself has become one of the fastest selling and highest rated on its Metascore for any Monster Hunter title released. As part of their celebration for this great achievement, Capcom has also stated that they will be launching a free Nintendo 3DS theme to begin celebrating with and will be available in May as a showing of their appreciation for fan support.

For those unfamiliar with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the game is a title that presses cooperation between fans as well as the idea of heavy farming to obtain multiple items that will support them the best for any situation. The game takes place as players take on the role as a hunter who has joined up with a travelling caravan in order to explore the new lands and take on ferocious enemies while seeking out the hunt that will test all their skill, prowess, and capabilities. This newest adventure, one of the best to date, will take players on quests as they encounter unique creatures, ferocious enemies, and will allow them to enjoy a hunt unlike any they’ve seen before.

For the first time ever, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate takes the handheld experience to entirely new grounds and will allow fans with an internet access to go online and hunt enemies like they never have before. As they take on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate they will find that the game is playable on all of the Nintendo 3DS family of handheld systems but features added functionality when experienced with the New Nintendo 3DS™ XL, such as enhanced graphics, additional camera controls using the C stick, and customizable ZL and ZR buttons.

Capcom continues to support Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate with free of charge monthly downloadable quests and content that began in March and will be available for several months to come. The monthly packs are available on the first Friday of the month and include even more challenging hunts as well as quests to access the various themed collaboration contents to outfit hunters and Palicoes.

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