Square Enix Brings Back Final Fantasy XIII-2 With a PC Release

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Written by Devon Day


Final Fantasy XII-2 left a lot of impressions to say the least. Be it good or bad, it still is part of a long running trilogy within the Final Fantasy universe. However, some games in the series have not been ported to PC and therefore have forced some PC gamers to litigate themselves to play on a specific platform, such as Final Fantasy XII. However, Square Enix has made good strides in recent years, starting with one of their most critically acclaimed in Final Fantasy VII to the steam service. Others such as II and III would also arrive later on the PC. Now, Final Fantasy gamers can experience the second half of XIII in XIII-2. Boasting the usual Full HD 60 FPS prerequisite, the PC variation will also include DLC from the original, so your wallets can breathe easier. All in all, if you have a PC only and want to continue the story of XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2 goes all out on December 11

With all that said, what is your favorite Final Fantasy game? How does it stack up to XIII? Should Square Enix create one Final Fantasy with all the main protagonists to take down the greatest primordial evil? Sound off feelings and thoughts below!

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