Bladestorm: Nightmare Gets Dated by Tecmo Koei

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Written by Dustin Murphy

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Interested in strategy titles that require Troop Commanding? That interest will be reignited starting March 3rd of 2015 when Bladestorm: Nightmare launches for the PlayStation 4, XBox One, and PS3 (digital only)! The website for it launched side by side over at Bladestorm: Nightmare. Developed by Omega Force (Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors) and published by KOEI TECMO, players will once more resume their historical knowledge by the game that lets players take sides as either England or France as armies and events that are inspired by real events as well as battles during an era only known as ‘the Hundred Years War’ (1337-1453).

Playing as a mercenary within the games storyline, players will get to see one of Europe’s most unstable time periods in history, where both France and England had taken to arms against each other. During these battles, players will assume command of different kinds of army units as well as their own character. Players will increase their fame, their wealth with gold, and their army by taking sides and showing their loyalty to either country.

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The storyline however, is told through a realistic version of it through the games normal mode, but for those who want a fantasy-esque type setting, they can choose the games original and fictitious narrative through the games ‘Nightmare’ mode. Within the ‘Nightmare’ mode, the game will take a twist where players will get to experience the alternate setting where England and France have taken on a war against a mysterious enemy. Their leader? The once famed Joan of Arc whom has turned to darkness. Her malevolent and destructive army reigns through each battlefield with Dragons, Demons, Giants, and more at the front lines, which seem to come forth in infinite numbers. Will their legions be too much for both England and France? You will get to find out with 32 playable characters, which is filled with both realistic and fantasy based characters.

With the release date and price set, the 49.99 USD upon its launch.

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