The End is Nigh as Rogue Wizard’s Passes Funding Goals

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Written by Dustin Murphy


As it is with any Kickstarter Goal, there are times when some projects manage to hit their goals, and this has happened for this title. In the final hours of the games Kickstarter hours, we’ve learned there is new stretch goals the game is set, and some of them are plans for crossover easter eggs from other games such as Rogue Legacy, Star Command, and Chasm Devs.

As of today, Spellbind Studios has earned more than 74,350 USD in funding out of their projected 70,000 USD goals. However, they aren’t done here. As their celebration with a few other indie game crossovers occurs with games such as Rogue Legacy (Cellar Door Games), Chasm (Discord Games), and Star Command (Warballoon) prepares for Rogue Wizards, players can still help the game reach more funding to help bring forth more content as well as capabilities to the title. Ending tonight at 11:59pm PDT, those who wish to can secure backer capabilities by heading over to the official Kickstarter Page for Rogue Wizards, and throw in towards the game that seeks to launch on PC, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. After having been in development for over a year, fans can rejoice as the game has been approached for Steam’s Greenlight.

“On behalf of Spellbind Studios and everyone on the Rogue Wizards team, I’d like to thank everyone who supported our title on Kickstarter, took the time to vote for it on Steam Greenlight, and helped spread the word to friends,” said Spellbind Studios Founder Colin Day. “But we’re not stopping there as we’re hoping that we can reach our stretch goals to create an even better experience for our awesome supporters.”

With this news, Colin Day has all the rights to be excited to see the games backing become so heavily regarded as a promising title. So what is there for you to look for? Check out the information provided by Spellbind Studios below:

  • $75,000 – A deeper loot system with more enchantments, items, socket-ables, synergies, gambling, and more
  • $80,000 – Advanced crafting with item enchanting, transmutation, fusion, and more
  • $85,000 – Advanced tower mode, more structures, discoverable goodies and baddies around the tower areas
  • $90,000 – Enemies, spells, and items altered by randomized environment effects, new difficulties, extra perma-death modes
  • $95,000 – Additional background environment with full set of props, 6 additional monsters, a new set of items, new background music track

“I also want to send our thanks and appreciation to the good folks at Cellar Door Games, Discord Games, and Warballoon. Their support speaks to the great amount of unity in the growing independent games development community,” continues Day. “While we’re still working on the exact details, fans of Rogue Legacy, Chasm, and Star Command can also expect to see characters from these titles making cameo appearances hidden in Rogue Wizards.”

Stay tuned as we seek to do a Question and Answer with Colin Day and Spellbind Studios.

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