Nintendo Announces Upcoming Pokémon Bundle

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Written by Dustin Murphy

Pokemon OmegaRuby_AlphaSapphire_Combo

If you are looking to play the upcoming Pokémon Omega Ruby and Omega Alpha Sapphire titles on the 21st of November, prepare to to get your trainers hat on. For those of you who have more than one trainer, there is something special sneaking its way out the doors exclusive to Best Buy retail stores, and The bundles will actually be running together for 79.98 USD as a bundle. In turn this saves you roughly 3 USD between the two. The games themselves will sell for a suggested MSRP for 39.99 USD. This will include both titles, and dal download codes for in-game potions that will give players roughly 100 potions to start out. This is a great reward for those who are unfamiliar to the series and are getting their adventure started for the first time as they experience the remastered Hoenn Region.

For those who have not touched these games, they originally released back on the Game Boy Advance as Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire. These titles will include updated graphics, new features like Soar, which allows for quick traveling using Mega Latios and Mega Latias. Players will also be able to decorate secret bases that are hidden within the Hoenn Region while also intering into the in-game Pokémon Contests. Interested in learning about the mystery of Mega Evolutions? This may just happen as the mystery is slowly being unraveled.

Interested in buying the game, but want it digital? Head now to the Nintendo 3DS eShop and prepare to download soon as it becomes available. The demo’s are now available via the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

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