Singularity Spell Unveiled by Spellbind Studios for Rogue Wizards

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Written by Dustin Murphy


 Remember that little upcoming indie game we talked about being developed by Spellbind Studios? As of today they have unveiled the newest spell called Singularity, which will be available in this rogue-like, dungeon-crawling, and town-building RPG that is headed for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. From what we’ve seen of the spell in the provided press assets, this spell is destructive and does not hide its intention of destroying enemies within the area affected.


The spell itself is for a wizard who reaches a higher level in the Cosmic Magic type. This means one of the most powerful spells is yours to enjoy and throw around. This spell allows the wizard to step into a portal that leads them into the cosmos or rather a safe place away from the spell, and summons the singularity it will cause. Afterwords players will see the area pull, deform, and well explode in a large burst of cosmic rays that will cause the enemies to be vanquished within its area. For those interested Kickstarter it begins this November on the 11th and will help support its continuous development cycle.

 “This is a super cool feature that we wanted to share about Rogue Wizards during our Kickstarter campaign,” said Spellbind Studios’ founder Colin Day. “Our project has secured almost half of its goal, which we’re most appreciative about, so we hope the community will continue to rally and support us over the next few weeks.”

For more information head over to to find out more about this title and its crowdfunding campaign.

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