Rogue Wizzards Announced by Spellbind Studios

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Interested in a new title that could easily remind you of games such as Torchlight, Diablo, Marvel Heroes Creators, and many other dungeon-crawling and town building titles? Rogue Wizards then is right up your alley. Rogue Wizards is being designed as a rogue-like dungeon crawler where you will also be doing some town-building. In it, players will be looking to take on this year long journey that has been worked on by Studio Veterans David Brevik (Diablo, Torchlight, Left 4 Dead, and Marvel Heroes), Mike Booth, and Erich Shaefer (both from Left 4 dead. Booth being creator of L4D), aim to deliver a rather fun RPG, action RPG, and rogue-like genres, which can only make one think this game is going to be an insanely fun and addicting adventure. So how can one go about this adventure? Starting today, you can head over to Kickstarter with the provided link below, donate, and help get this game off the ground and help it see its adventure go forth for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

“A smart blend of town building and dungeon crawling to create one of the most promising RPGs in years” – Dave Brevik: CEO Gazillion Entertainment, Creator of Diablo Series, Marvel Heroes

“Spellbind’s Rogue Wizards is taking procedural rogue-likes in an exciting and thoroughly charming direction.” – Mike Booth: Game Director at Blizzard Entertainment, Creator and Designer of Nox and Left 4 Dead, Founder of Turtle Rock Studios.

“Spellbind is making exactly the kind of game I would make for mobile & desktop.  I’m jealous, and I want to play!” – Erich Schaefer: President Double Damage Games, Designer Diablo 1 & 2, Torchlight 1 & 2

Their title will allow players to do the well known dungeon-crawling experience: battling creatures, mastery your character, but also collect the loot for it while also building a Wizard Tower in the middle of it! With all of these being a part of it, the game also features a unique look at the former dungeon-crawling RPG experiences man yof you are familiar with. With the dungeon mode, players will be able to enjoy the game by experiencing randomly generated dungeons, weapons, and even environments so that they may experience them all in their unique creativity. Combat will be a very familiar turn based experience that will allow fans to take note for the experience that was one used before, which will allow fans to take note that the game will be fast, furious, and require plenty of strategy as well as planning.

Between each bit of battle and exploration, players will be able to do whatever it is they need to do in order to build their town, obtain their new loot, but also enhance their town, gear, reagents or even being powering up magic in order to become more powerful as a wizard in order to go further within the game. For more info on Rogue Wizards check the game out at


For more official information regarding Rogue Wizards, read below!

“Rogue Wizards is a game that I’ve dreamed of creating for a long time,” says Spellbind Studios Founder Colin Day. “With the help of a team of seasoned games industry professionals who have worked on successful titles and series such as Diablo 3, Marvel Heroes, Command & Conquer, Might and Magic, Heroes of Might and Magic, and Mechwarrior Mercenaries, to help me see through my passion, I’m confident that we will deliver to fans a memorable and rich experience they will enjoy for years to come.”

Support Rogue Wizards on Kickstarter!

If you love RPGs, Action RPGs, or Rogue-like titles, we need support from the gaming community to make Rogue Wizards a reality. More details about Rogue Wizards, the development team’s plans and goals, and tiered pledge rewards can be found on the Rogue Wizards Kickstarter page:

“We thank everyone in advance for their time, consideration, and pledges,” says Day.  “Without a doubt, we appreciate everyone who has taken the time to spread the word about Rogue Wizards to friends who love supporting great games and the developers who create them.”

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