AirMech Arena Gets Assassin’s Creed Mechs!

Originally Published on the Official Blast Away the Game Review Facebook Page
Written by Dustin Murphy


 Wonder what would happen if Mechs and Assassin’s Creed ever combined? You can now find out. Ubisoft and Carbon Games has proudly released the content for AirMech Arena that will make this happen. The content for this real-time strategy game that was released as a free to play title on all Xbox Live accounts, but also on the XBox 360. In honor of this game having become so successful they have decided to release Assassin’s Creed-inspired AirMech skins and pets in order to also provide more customization options.

According to AirMech Arena’s James Green, AirMech Arena has become very successful since it’s launch nearly two months ago. This bringing it above one million players to date. With this news he stated that they were able to incorporate many of the traits that can be noted in Assassin’s Creed into their new available update. This also includes the skins for both the Creed and the Assassin’s in order to highlight the ongoing struggle between the two factions.


 Now available for players that are interested, they can transform their AirMech Arena gameplay into an Assassin’s Creed themed one called the Novi Aquilis Neo, which is known for its cloaking abilities as well as stealth combat. For the Templars, they got the Abstergo Fortis Prototype saucer Mech, which is known for its death ray and capability to abduct. For those interested, they can also deploy a set of Assassin’s Creed pets with any AirMech, which brings forth the Spirit Eagle, the Apple of Eden and the DNA Cube vial to accompany them into battle. This update also contains additional skins, units, and updated maps, which will be released within the upcoming weeks.

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