From Screen to Reality – Taylor Davis – Violin Player and Game Music Musician

Originally Published on the Official Blast Away the Game Review Facebook Page
Written by Dustin Murphy


Ever wondered what would happen when a very talented musician decided to cover some of your favorite compositions or 8-bit chiptunes ever? I always have and what we’ve been given in multiple formats by many very talented musicians out there. One I’ve taken a custom liking to is Taylor Davis, whom I found by accident one day. Let alone has she covered songs from games such as The Legend of Zelda, World of Warcraft, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy, but her talented array spans across multiple genres of media.

So what makes hers so unique? The raw talent she demonstrates through both choreography, costume choices, but also scenery. This all has played a major role in the influences of how much I have liked or disliked a song. In truth? I’ve only found a few things I’d hat knitpicked at, but that’s because I actually noticed only small things that irked me more than anything; nothing big. Many of her pieces are actually quite well done, enjoyable, and well – something I’d suggest buying if you have the chance.

Some of her pieces that are her best are her takes on songs like “Song of Time and Song of Storms” (link provided below), which absolutely astounding arrangements. The question that some may ask are how she does her arrangements? With the help of Adam Gudman, the entire album she did for The Legend of Zelda could truly be called a remarkable masterpiece that any The Legends of Zelda fan would truly enjoy. So go check her out at the websites linked below and give her a try for you music fans! Stay tuned for our next from “Screen to Reality” as we take a look into some of the gaming industries talents whether they are gamers, cosplayers, and or musicians!

Taylor Davis’ Official Pages:

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