PlayStation Network Hit By DDoS Attacks

PlayStation Network Hit by DDoS Attacks

  Originally Published on the Official Blast Away the Game Review Facebook Page
 Written by Dustin Murphy

 With gaming, web browsing, streaming shows, or movies, there’s always that bit of a bump in the internet. Sometimes it’s the service getting overloaded with requests or the ISP unable to keep up with them, but sometimes there’s something more sinister, a group of bored people. As of the past twenty four to forty eight hours, multiple gaming services, and companies have been hit with DDoS attacks. Their games have been rendered offline, extremely slow, or unable to process enough data for everyone to connect. We have heard from multiple support accounts on twitter such as Blizzard Customer Service (@BlizzardCS), PlayStation Customer Service (@AskPlayStation), and even rumours going around that League of Legends as well other services were taken down last night and earlier today (august 23rd and 24th).

However, there are reports coming in that many of the services are beginning to stabilize. So far all services affected have stated that the “attackers” did not obtain any information or personal details. As far as it has been reported, this has simply been a server outage and won’t have any long term effects once the companies get everything up and running back to normal. We’ll report on this if anything else changes from what we do know.

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