Assassin’s Creed United Female Character Revealed!

Assassin’s Creed Unity Character Revealed
Originally Published on the Official Blast Away the Game Review Facebook Page

Written By Kennard Daniel Prim

A new trailer was released, of Assassin’s Creed Unity, showing Arno rushing through Paris to stop the execution of a woman, by the name of Elise. A newly revealed character, relevant to the story, she is a noblewoman attempting to secure her place within the Templar Dynasty. During her quest, her path crosses with Arno and the two form an unlikely bond.

Elise will be present in a novel, of the same name, written by Oliver Bowden, the author of the previous Assassin’s Creed Novels. The story takes place during an era, when the difference between the wealthy and the impoverished was at the greatest. From Elise’s perspective, this tale follows Arno, and herself, as they are thrust into the centuries old battle of the Assassins and the Templars.

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