AirMech Arena Now Available on XBox 360

AirMech Arena Available on XBox 360

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Written by Dustin Murphy

Are you a fan of free-to-play titles? What about RTS? Well then, here’s something right up your alley! For those interested, AirMech Arena is available, now on XBox 360, through the XBox Live Marketplace, for the small cost of, nothing. AirMech Arena is a new free-to-play arena styled RTS, which allows players to choose from nine AirMechs, and choose one for each game. As players conquer fortresses, whether it is offline or online, they will get to unlock new and more powerful units, pilots, items, and ArcMechs. Players will also be able to customize their armies, in order to fit their personal preferences, gameplay wise. As players succeed in dominating the enemy, they will get to choose from sixty different support units, and choose eight of them per match in order to help defeat players, or the games A.I., in online competitive, single player, or online head-to-head multiplayer cooperative mode. For this title, players can assume that strategy, and teamwork, will be heavily vital in order to go up against other enemies, as they defend and assault enemy fortresses.

“AirMech Arena combines real-time strategy with fast-paced action in an exciting new way,” said James Green, game director at Carbon Games. “Strategy fans will appreciate that AirMech Arena was designed for consoles from the very start, and how natural the controls feel in their hands.”

In order to play this title online, it will require an XBox Live Gold Membership.

AirMech is developed and maintained by Ubisoft’s studio, Carbon Games. For more information regarding AirMech and Carbon Games, visit their website for more information: and follow @AirMechArena on Twitter.

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