Shadow Warrior 3 announced, set to release in 2021

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Lo Wang will be back in Shadow Warrior 3 as the series prepares its return along with its tongue-in-cheek humor pulled directly from its 1997 roots. Here’s what we know so far.

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Review: Shadow Warrior 2 – Wang Jokes Are Abundant in the Shadows


[Credits: Flying Wild Hog]

+Absolutely stunning graphics on PC and PlayStation 4
+Smooth combat and ability mechanics allowing for fluid movement during encounters
+Some of the best sound effects to date allowing for a cinematic like experience
+70 guns to enjoy and equip based on your play style

-The dick jokes finally get old
-Minor crashing issues on PlayStation 4

Y’know, it’s hard not to point it out first thing that comes to life in the game. To kids, it’s almost embarrassing to say without making a few laughs, and us adults tend to face palm at the word, but Shadow Warrior 2 wants you to know that people seem to have a penis. Something that the game seems to be rife with due to Wang’s abundance of dick jokes. So much so that eventually, one of the NPC’s began to question Lo Wang and his constant use of them.

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