Mythgard is preparing to head into Open Beta, will include mobile and PC versions


Currently, Myhtgard is in Early Access while Rhino Games is hard at work on the upcoming and ambitious CCG title, Myhtgard, which takes place in an urban fantasy setting and will be preparing for its official Beta launch on PC and mobile this September.

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Preview: Mythgard -It’s not a myth, nor a legend, but rather, something better


Developed by former Blizzard developer Peter Hu and former Google X senior software engineer Paxton Mason as Rhino Games, Mythgard is an intriguing and surprisingly well designed CCG with tons of potential already showing in its current state. Find out what we thought of the current build.

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Mythgard, a cyberpunk CCG announced for multiple platforms, releases in 2019


Announced today by Rhino Games, Rhino Games has revealed their upcoming title Mythgard, a Collectible Card Game that’s set to release on Web, Steam, Android and iOS in 2019. Find out more today.

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