Resident Evil Village Review – Come for Dimitrescu, stay for the rest

After eight main entries in Capcom’s long-running series, it is no wonder why fans have been wondering if Resident Evil VIII: Village could actually it its stride the way they’d hope for the series. The truth is? We wondered the same. Find out what we thougth in our review.

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Lady Dimitrescu is over 9 feet tall in Resident Evil Village, Capcom confirms

If you were ever wondering exactly how tall Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village actually is, well, way taller than any of us expected. Here’s what Art Director Tomonori Takano had to say in regards to the reception of Lady Dimitrescu.

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Resident Evil Village announced for next-gen consoles and PC


Capcom revealed during the PlayStation 5 showcase a brand-new entry into the famed Resident Evil series, which will see players enter into the eighth core entry in the series with Resident Evil Village. Here’s what you need to know.

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