Review: The Fall – Rising to the occassion


The Fall tells the story of Arid, an A.I. installed in a technologically-advanced combat spacesuit, as he navigates a decaying industrial facility in search of medical attention for its injured pilot. Players explore the world in The Fall through Metroidvania gameplay elements.

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Review: The Fall Part 2: Unbound – Not the Grid You Thought


+Strong story, even though it’s a rather short game
+Offers some great moments with the games cast
+Great combat mechanics that bring the game to life

-Rather outdated graphics
-Extremely short, beatable in a single session

The Fall Part 2 Unbound picks up right were the first title left off. For gamers who did not play Part 1 of the game, the developers decided to give us a short little recap before allowing us to start the game which I though was a really nice add-in. Strongly recommend starting the first saga first instead of jumping right into the second story and being lost for a while without a full backstory.

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