STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town post-release content revealed

In a recent announcement, XSEED Games has outlined their post-release content plants for STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town ahead of its March 23rd, 2021 release date for Nintendo Switch.

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The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt comes to DAEMON X MACHINA


The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt has come to DAEMON X MACHINA with free Witcher-themed DLC that will allow fans to customize their mech pilots to their liking.

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Review: Fate/EXTELLA LINK – Linked together, save the world together

Fate EXTELLA_LINK - Scathach 03.png

Fate/EXTELLA LINK is here and with it comes an entirely new approach to the Musou experince that Fate/Extella: Umbral Star had to offer. With enhanced visuals, story-telling elements, and gameplay mechanics, Fate/EXTELLA LINK is sure to leave a solid mark for fans both new and old.

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Review: Assault Gunners HD Edition – Gunning for Improvements


+Extremelywell-done settings that bring the game’s story to life
+A rather deep amount of customizations that span across four mechs in total
+Missions can easily be completed in a matter of minutes, allowing players to push through the content in a matter of hours

-Hefty amounts of repetition that get boring with time
-Controls remain clunky, even for modern controls
-Maps and assets are overused, allowing for little variation between each level
-Mission objectives and goals do not change, causing each one to feel uninspired

When Assault Gunners first released in Japan, I was skeptical about the game ever coming West, mostly for the fact that mech games don’t tend to do rather well within the states. Not often do you hear gamer’s rallying behind a game where they can control mechs, blasting their ways in a gigantic metal robot designed for pure destruction, but then again, there’s still a crowd rallying behind such games, even if a smaller crowd.

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Review: Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash – Summer Makes One Last Splash

SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash - Screenshot05

+Amazingly well done combat mechanics
+All-star cast offering different views to similar stories
+Tons of customizations ranging from weapons, clothing, and ability cards
+DLC is moderately priced and completely optional. The addition of new outfits and characters is welcomed.

-Grope simulator 2017 is a minor drawback, but can be ignored
-Higher difficulties are locked behind progression based upgrades
-Modes don’t vary outside of deathmatch or king of the hill


Six years ago, I was first introduced to the ladies of Marvelous’ Senran Kagura seies. A lackluster beat ‘up title that sold itself on its cookie cutter fan service in order to help move copies. The series itself wasn’t well inspired or even designed at the time of release. Just as anything else, things can sometimes get better or worse with time. For Senran Kagura things have gotten a little weird. Why did it get weird? Because the series has actually gotten better. Even it’s six years of main-entry titles and a spin-off’s have done the series a bit of justice.

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