Demon’s Souls character creation revealed

As we approach the release of another astonishing Bluepoint Games remasters, this time in the form of Demon’s souls, the team has shown off how they aren’t just remastering the game, but how they are bringing character creation into the next-generation of consoles.

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Mortal Shell announced for Q3 2020 by Cold Symmetry


With the Soulsborne genre at its peak, developers around the world are looking to provide the next major challenge in the genre. Now, we have another entry on the way from independent London-based studio, Cold Symmetry.

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Demon’s Souls Gets a Newly Listed Rating by the ESRB



[Credits: ATLUS USA]

 It’s a sad day when you realize the Demon’s Souls online servers have been shut down. Since the news broke, fans around the world have become an echoing chamber of pleas for a PlayStation 4 remake of the title. Oddly enough, something has happened that may make their hearts skip a beat, and many gamers alike begin to hold their breath for news regarding this matter: The ESRB has a new rating for the game, which went live on their website earlier today.


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