Rumor: Xbox Game Pass could be coming to Nintendo Switch

In a recent tease from Phil Spencer, it is very likely that Xbox Game Pass is coming to Nintendo Switch, allowing fans to get the best of their Nintendo Switch and Xbox experiences. The question is, how and when? Insiders are hinting at an announcement later this year.]

Now, before we get to far in, take this as a grain of salt: Xbox Game Pass is likely coming to Nintendo Switch later this year or sometime in the future. Where does the speculation come from? Well, Nick “Spheshal Ed” Baker, the co-founder of Xbox Era. Of course, you might be wondering, why is this rather big news? Well, Phil Spencer, of course.

In a recent video, Jeff Grubb began to discuss what was going on within the gaming world during an April 9th Game Mess video with Mike Minotti. During that video, it was noted that everything on Phil Spencer’s shelf was important to him, including his Nintendo Switch, which Grubb responded saying, “everything on Phil’s Shelf meant something and it’s going to be revealed in fall,” when he him and Minotti began to discuss a photo of Spencer’s.

Let us make this clear: Take this for a grain of salt. This is rumor and as far as we’ve seen, nothing major has come across the Nintendo or Xbox wires that’s confirmed, but, it does hint that something could happen in the future. This could mean Master Chief, who has been in high-demand for Nintendo Switch, could make an appearance in Super Smash Bros..

However, Microsoft has been known to show a significant amount of support for the Nintendo Switch in recent days. This included the launch of several Microsoft published titles ranging from both Ori titles to Minecraft in recent days. This also included Banjo-Kazooie and Steve from Minecraft having recently appeared as DLC characters.

Now, there is also something worth noting: There are quite a few games, Minecraft Dungeons included, that would make the idea of Game Pass worthwile, this even includes previously released Bethesda Zenimax titles. With the idea of it going to Switch, it would put a lot more value into Game Pass, allowing Microsoft to potentially justify either lowering the cost or making it possible to link your Nintendo account to your Xbox account.

At the moment, however, we’re advising you to take this with a grain of salt. We aren’t even sure what’s happening just yet, and for all we know, Microsoft could just be aiming to bring more titles of theirs to the Nintendo Switch due to how well the two companies have worked together before. For what it’s worth thought: We really do hope it’s a new Banjo-Kazooie or Perfect Dark title.

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  2. This was touted earlier on this year but I remember something wasn’t workable between Switch and Xbox. Maybe they found a workaround huh, Microsoft have been killing it recently, may be the best team we ever see for Xbox right now. Just wish they would let us use new controllers on the OG console, do like my options

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