Xbox Exclusive CrossfireX delayed to 2021

The hotly anticipated Xbox exclusive, CrossfireX has been delayed as Remedy, Smilegate, and Xbox Game Studios, work together to release the game, but have revealed, that the title needs a bit more time due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Those awaiting the hotly anticipated Xbox title, CrossfireX will have to be waiting a little longer due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Today, Remedy, Smilegate, and Xbox Game Studios, have revealed that their upcoming title has been delayed and won’t meet its 2020 release window.

Instead, the teams have opted to push the game back to 2021. The three studios have confirmed that they still intend to release the game on both generations of Xbox game consoles, allowing Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One users to egroup up, and take to the battlefields as a mobilized unit.

The team took to Twitter to discuss the reason behind the delay, attributing it solely to COVID-19. However, it is unclear if the delay is because of the multiplayer side, which is being developed by Smilegate, or if it’s due to the singleplayer campaign, being developed by Remedy (Quantum Break, Control), or, perhaps, a bit of both.

CrossfireX is the direct sequel to the wildly popular title, Crossfire, which currently has more than one billion registered players at the time of writing. Currently, it is unclear when/if CrossfireX will meet its 2021 window or if we could see the game get pushed back into 2022 as a Xbox Series X|S exclusive.

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