Beware: PlayStation 4 Firmware 8.00 is causing major issues

If you haven’t updated to Firmware 8.0, you may want to consider holding off, for now at least, while Sony figures out what’s causing system instability, the inability to access friendslists, and overall UI issues.

The next big update for PlayStation 4 is finally here. It brings in a slew of new features ahead of the PlayStation 5’s launch in just under a month from this past Monday. However, even with all the changes, including a mind-numbingly painful party chat system, and indicators in the chats for what PlayStation platform users are on, the firmware is also causing major issues.

The update has also shipped with some other major issues, which includes system instability, an inability to access your friendslists, and reports of players being unable to access any of their digital content after applying the update. The current outage has been ongoing since the early hours this morning, leaving PlayStation Network offline since around 3am, when the update was pushed out.

On our end, we’ve experienced the entire list of issues currently being reported, except, we can at least access digital streaming platforms such as Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and even Disney+. We’ve even been able to access our disc-based installs, but, the issues are far more widespread when one heads on over to Twitter.

Social media users have been reporting bricked consoles, corrupted games, corrupted save files, the inability to access parts of their UI or even being able to power down their consoles without getting improper power down notifications (we can attest tot his latter one).

Currently, Sony has stated on their official support account on Twitter, that they are currently investigating the root cause of the issues, but have not made a statement whether or not it is firmware specific.

There have been speculations that due to the issues, Sony could be expected to force a rollback on the firmware, which would see all users, if they can update, return to the previous firmware while issues with the current one is sorted out.

At this time, Sony has only made one statement in regards (below) to the ongoing outage that has been active since this morning. We’ll keep you updated as progress is made in regards to the ongoing outage. In order to avoid some of the known issues, we highly suggest keeping your PlayStation 4 offline in order to avoid downloading the new update.

The only drawback is that you won’t be able to play online, use your friendlists, download games, or even chat. The upside is that the system software will remain stable and won’t be hit with the currently ongoing issues of the PlayStation Party Chat system.

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