Kohl’s Black Friday 2019 Sales: A look at their gaming section


With Black Friday just around the corner, we’re preparing for some of the biggest sales of the year from some of the biggest retailers in the United States. To help you save big in the upcoming weeks, we’ll be taking a look at the best offers that you can find.

Let’s face it, Black Friday at Kohl’s and almost every store across the nation is around the corner. Many of our friends, our loved ones, and colleagues are preparing for it any way they can. Big box retailers are already giving us an idea of what to expect by releasing their ads just a couple of weeks early. Among them is one retailer you might not think about shopping at when it comes to games: Kohl’s of all places.

Revealed recently, Kohl’s has given us a look at what to expect from their sales. Since we’re a gaming-focused site, you already know where our sites are set: Gaming and gaming accessories as a whole. Because of that, we’ve picked out every single gaming-related sale that we could find.

Since you may want to hit their site or their stores as quick as you can, you already know you might want to skip that Turkey dinner if you want to hit the sales at their stores at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 28th (Thanksgiving day) or at 12:01am, November 28th, on their site.

So what exactly can you expect? Let’s take a look:

NIntendo Switch with carrying case and controller charging dock – $319.99 plus $90 Kohl’s Cash with purchase.

This one isn’t a half-bad deal. The Nintendo Switch is already one of the hottest consoles of this generation and it’s continually outperforming sales expectations. With this bundle, you’re actually saving quite a bit and since this console-turned-handheld hybrid is a beast, you’ll need the stuff to protect it while on the goal. Albeit, you’re saving only around, again, $100 and getting a little extra on the side. Fortunately, that means you can get a game for your Switch alongside a screen protector to keep it safe.

No game is included with this one, but a carrying case is pretty awesome given that the Switch is designed to be brought with you on the go. Normally, this is priced at $349.99, so it’s not that great of a discount but you are getting $90 Kohl’s Cash with it.

PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Fortnite Neo Versa console bundle – $199.99 plus $60 Kohl’s Cash with the purchase.

Now, when it comes to consoles, there’s no doubt that you might be wondering about what items you can expect in this bundle. Seeing as it is a Fortnite focused one, you can expect to be getting some nifty in-game items, which to be honest, isn’t half bad. Since this bundle does usually ring in at $299.99, you can guess a big part of your savings is that hundred dollars off, plus an extra $60 back in your wallet as Kohls Cash. Not a bad trade-off really.

Xbox One S 1TB Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order console bundle – $199.99 plus $60 Kohl’s Cash with the purchase.

If you’re looking for an Xbox One, there’s no doubt that this bundle is a half-bad idea. The Xbox One S’ normally ring in at the same price as a PlayStation Slim as listed up above. The only difference is that you are getting a premium game along with your console and not just a few in-game items. You can play your game offline, enjoy it where you want, and even have some extra money to get those in-game items if you really want them.

Xbox One X 1TB NBA 2K20 console bundle – $349.99 plus $105 Kohl’s Cash with purchase.

As you can see here, the console trend isn’t stopping and neither is the idea of getting a premium game with your purchase. Here you get the top-of-the-line Xbox One, a solid 1TB of memory and you even get one of the most popular sports games on the market. Additionally, you’re saving $150 before tax, which isn’t half bad, and even getting a little extra back for the higher-tier console.

Xbox One and PS4 controllers – $39.99

Alright, we all knew this one was coming, but if you’re like me, this one doesn’t hurt. Unfortunately, this one is pretty much limited to basic controllers, opting out for more advanced ones such as the Xbox One Elite Pro Controller, which let’s be real, is a monster in its own right. Luckily, there are some pretty slick stock controllers on the market and Sony’s latest one, that purple one? It’s pretty flashy.

PlayStation VR Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Moss bundle – $199.99 plus $60 Kohl’s Cash.

As of recent, it’s hard to really shrug away the PlayStation VR. As of recent, Sony has begun to double down on their advances in VR gaming. They’re already seemingly eyeballing a stronger future for the feature, which could include higher framerates, compatibility with current-gen hardware, and even offering some amazing experiences.

Plus, we gotta admit, the PlayStation VR itself is a fantastic experience and it has some pretty noteworthy games we’ve reviewed in recent years. This deal isn’t bad at all, you’re going to be saving $100+ on the headset and its accessories. The downside, you’ll be trying to figure out what game to play first.

VoltEdge TX70 wireless gaming headset for PS4 and PC – $39.99.

If you’re looking to save a little bit of cash, this headset is going to be your go-to one. Unfortunately, we’ve not had a chance to sit down with this model yet, but for what it’s worth, it’ll go great with your Nintendo Switch and it’ll give you a budget brand to enjoy. Fortunately, you’re saving $20 on the headset.

Video Games – TBA

At this time, it doesn’t seem Kohls’ Black Friday ad is really targeting individual games at this time. While we do hope this little piece of the ad changes, which we are sure it will, we’ll have to keep you updated if and or when this happens. Since we do expect a fully-released ad in the near future, we’ll get that information to you when we can.

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