Black Desert gets a release date on PlayStation 4, PS+ users get pre-order discounts


Set to release as Black Desert on PlayStation 4, Black Desert Online is set to release this August and sits at a comparable price to that of the Xbox One and PC versions of the game.

Earlier Tuesday, Pearl Abyss released the official pre-order listings for Black Desert and its various versions on the PlayStation Store. The game is set to launch on August 22nd with prices starting as low as $29.99 and only going up from there depending on the version and content you wish to own.

Aside from being fairly priced, Black Desert sits as one of the most technologically-advanced RPGs on the market featuring a rather in-depth character creator, fast-paced combat command system that runs deeper than anyone could expect. To bring it all to life comes a world that is continually expanded upon with free content drops and optional paid content (cosmetics) to choose from in a Buy to Play business model.

The PlayStation 4 version was announced last month during E3 after its Xbox exclusivity came to a close, allowing for fans to enjoy what PC and Xbox users have for quite some time. You can check out the launch editions, their features, and prices down below as listed on the PlayStation Store:

Digital Pre-Order Bonus:

  • 10% Discount (PS+ Subscribers)
  • 48-hour early access.
  • Exclusive Pet – German Shepherd
  • Exclusive In-game Title
  • Elion’s Tear(x5)

Black Desert: Ultimate Edition –  $99.99 – $89.99

  • Black Desert Full Game
  • Value Pack (90Day)
  • Snow Wolfdog (Pet)
  • Junaid Cat (Pet)
  • Tier 5 Horse
  • Calpehon Charger’s Horse Gear set
  • Horse Flute (Permanent)
  • Combat/Life/Skill EXP Scrolls (x10 Each)
  • Storage Maid x1
  • Pearl Box (3000 Pearls) – Virtual currency

Black Desert: Deluxe Edition$49.99 – $44.99

  • Black Desert Full Game
  • Value Pack (60Day)
  • Snow Wolfdog (Pet)
  • Tier 3 Horse
  • Calpehon Charger’s Horse Gear set
  • Pearl Box (2000 Pearls) – Virtual currency

Black Desert: Standard Edition $29.99 – $26.99

  • Black Desert Full Game
  • Snow Wolfdog (Pet)
  • Value Pack (30 Day)
  • Pearl Box (1000 Pearls) – Virtual currency

Stay tuned for our impressions of the game coming in September.

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