E3 2019: Daemon X Machina to launch on Switch this September


The long-awaited mech-based game Daemon X Machina from Nintendo is preparing for take off this September and will certainly give fans of Armored Core something to sink their teeth into when it launches.

After its reveal during E3 2018 and a couple of years in development, the long-awaited mech-focused title is on its way and will see fans taking to the skies as they blast, slash, and annihilate the oppositions put before them. During the E3 Treehouse stream from Nintendo, we got another glimpse at the upcoming title from Kenichiro Tsukuda, who worked heavily on both the Armored Core series and Super Dimension Fortress Macross titles.

In the trailer, we got our first glimpses of a team of pilots in their mechs, each one attacking enemy forces before moving to on-foot combat where they took on drones, other combat suits, and plenty more as chaos ensued. The title already promises quite a bit of the mech-on-mech action that Armored Core fans enjoy, but also, some never-before-seen pilot-based combat scenarios where players will step outside their mechs.

The Arsenals (mechs) will be able to not just utilize the weapons players equip them with, but items around each mission area ranging from cars to street signs to even dumpsters if they choose. Nothing like giving an enemy mech the good ol’ one-two with some poor-share rider drivers brand-new sedan, but it works!

Along with the brand new trailer, Nintendo has confirmed that Daemon X Machina will be launching September 13th, 2019, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Find out today why we called Daemon x Machina the “Armored Core successor we’ve been waiting for” in our hands-on preview today.

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