Dragon Ball FighterZ welcomes Kid Goku to the roster from GT


Dragon Ball FighterZ is still a growing title and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down with the brand new addition of Goku from Dragon Ball GT.

Kid Goku of Dragon Ball GT is now available as a playable character for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Fans can take on this version of Goku, who was transformed after an errant wish by Emperor Pilaf entered him into a new form of youth. Unlike his adult form, this version of Goku packs a big punch with his special attacks and his new Super Kamehameha attack, which allows him to transform into Super Saiyan 3.

Along with his Super Saiyan 3 form, Goku will also be able to use his Super Spirit Bomb, Power Pole, and his Reverse Kamehameha to level out the competition as new up and coming fighters prepare to enter the fray with the release of Broly and Gogeta, which are all set to launch as part of the FighterZ Pass 2. Already released fighters for the second pass include both Jiren and Videl.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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