Tetris 99’s weekend event announced, 999 winners can earn $10 eShop Credit


The first-ever Tetris 99 event starts this Friday and you have a chance to win some eShop credit, but only if you win.

When Tetris 99 was announced during the Nintendo Direct just a few weeks ago, there was something peculiar about the game’s announcement. Nintendo revealed that they would be hosting upcoming events in order to get players together and build a community around the game. However, they didn’t outline how, what, or when their events would start.

Well, as of today, we’ve got our details surrounding the first event, which will see to that those who rank in the top 999 players in the world in a specific time frame around the world will earn rewards for overcoming all the odds that face them.

Starting Friday, March 8th, 2019, you can prepare for the very first event called the Maximus cup, which will see the top 999 players will receive 999 Nintendo Coins, so basically $10 eShop credit. However, you need to know. Nintendo has confirmed that ONLY first-place finishes will count towards this weekends event.

Now would be the perfect time to grab your Switch, download the free-to-play game with your Nintendo Switch Online membership, and see if you have what it takes to earn yourself 999 Nintendo Coins or a decent discount on a Nintendo Switch game you’ve been holding off on up until now.

For full details about the event, you can visit the official Tetris 99 site today.

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