Aragami: Shadow Edition slips from the shadows onto the Switch today

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Aragami: Shadow Edition has moved from the shadows and into the light via the Nintendo Switch eShop. It’s available now for those wishing to see just how sneaky they can actually be with their PC and Xbox friends.

In a surprise announcement independent developer, publisher, and distributor, Lince Works, has officially released Aragami: Shadow Edition for the Nintendo Switch. In this latest release, Nintendo Switch fans can pick up the base game as well as the Aragami Nightfall expansion, and all the available DLC through the Nintendo eShop for $29.99

In Aragami you will take on the role of an undead assassin who has been granted the ability to control the shadows. By using them to their ability, players will be able to teleport among the shadows, create new paths to reach your targets, forge new weapons, use unimaginable shadow-based abilities, and even summon a horde of shadow beasts to eliminate your foes with.

Those who enjoyed classic stealth-based games such as TenchuMetal Gear Solid, or even the Dishonored franchises have a lot to look forward to as Aragami: Shadow Edition aims to bring back the challenges of yesteryear. This includes an emphasis on stealth, narrative, and pushing players to think before they act. Those who opt to play with stealth, remaining undetected will find themselves using a unique playstyle called Ghost.

In the Ghost style, you’ll remain undetected, moving around to take down your assigned target without making a single sound. On the other hand, you have a Demon, cutting down anyone and thing between you and your target. You’ll use unimaginable powers, raining down havoc and terror upon your foes.

Additionally, this newly released version features cross-play capabilities with two-player online co-op with PC and Xbox One users. At this time, it is unclear whether or not PlayStation 4 will be added to the list of cross-play capable platforms.

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