Tales of Crestoria announced for 2019, will release on mobile devices


The latest entry in the Tales of series will be headed to mobile devices in 2019 as a free-to-play title called Tales of Crestoria.

In an announcement today, Bandai Namco has confirmed their next Tales of title as a mobile device game that will launch in 2019 for both iOS and Android platforms. Their latest adventure will see players take on an adventure through an all-new world filled to the brim with an all-new vibrant cast of characters and locales to visit.

As fans of the game, you’ll get a chance to experience all-new designs from series veterans Mutsumi Inomata and Kosuke Fujishima alongside various industry-leading creators who will join Inomata and Fujishima as they make their series debut. Set in a dystopian land, players will explore a land where citizens carry with them an all-seeing ‘Vision Orb’ that monitors them for any possible criminal violations.

Seeking to defend themselves and find freedom through the society they are apart of, Kanata and Misella will see themselves branded as “Transgressors” who must fight their way through freedom as players seek freedom through fighting for their own fate or letting fate create their destiny for them.

Below, you can see the concept trailer for the upcoming game which gives us a look at the cast, the setting and what fans can expect when it launches.

Stay tuned as we’ll keep you up-to-date as more information is released.

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