Diablo III for Nintendo Switch will let you turn into Ganondorf


Nintendo and Blizzard are bringing one of the most renowned isometric RPG franchises in the history of gaming to the Nintendo Switch. With their announcement, Blizard has confirmed that players can turn their character into Ganondorf later this year.

What seems like a surprising move by both Blizzard and Nintendo, players can expect the launch of Diablo III to be a rather unique one when it launches. As part of their bold move and their newly found launch, Blizzard and Nintendo have confirmed that players will get some exclusive items related to The Legend of Zelda.

These items include a The Legend of Ganondorf” transmog that allows them to turn their character into Ganondorf, a Golden Triforce portrait frame, an Echoes of the Mask set of wings, and a cucco pet, Link’s most “feared” nemesis that lies in wait to return punishment for their beating on poor cucco’s across the lands of Hyrule.s

The Nintendo Switch version will launch with all previously released content available from the start, placing the game at a suitable price point of $59.99. The only downside is the fact owners of the game will need to purchase a Nintendo Network membership in order to play their game online with other players from around the world.

Diablo III is set to release on Nintendo Switch later this year and will feature all previously released content.

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