Not sold on Fallout 76? Then Fallout 4 is the place to be with these upcoming mods


Not sold on Fallout 76? While many are, those who aren’t, still have a lot to look forward to with the upcoming Fallout 4 mod projects called “Fallout: Miami” and “Fallout: Cascadia”. Let’s take a peek at them both.

If we’re being honest, not everyone is sold on Fallout 76 even after some of Bethesda’s biggest reveals that premiered during QuakeCon 2018. While the game does have a heavy focus regarding its online elements, there are still fans who haven’t really taken the dive or are willing to even let their curiosity tug at a chance to play the B.E.T.A. in October.

But can you really blame them? Well, not really, but luckily for them, there’s still reason to buy into Fallout 4 if they or you haven’t already. Since its trailer release, Fallout: Miami, an upcoming mod for Fallout 4 has been sitting at the back of our minds, whispering into the ears of us here at Blast Away the Game Review, telling us to keep our eyes peeled for its upcoming release.

While there has not been an exact release date made for Fallout: Miami there is plenty of information about it on the official Reddit fact sheet made by the team behind the mod. To make things clear, this isn’t going to be a standalone mod by any means, but rather, it’ll continue the story of the Lone Wanderer as they make their way down to Miami to see just how bad things actually are.

The team even stats that the upcoming mod will be slightly larger than the 2016 premium expansion known as “Far Harbor,” which had players explore along the coasts of Boston up to Maine. The team has confirmed that players will explore from Southe Point Pier to the world-renowned Fontainebleau Hotel. Along with this information, the team has even been keeping updates on the mods official blog, stating that they are currently seeking help to make their mod possible.

Fallout: Miami will feature entirely new enemies, weapons, and even comics to collect. Each one of them entirely unique to Fallout: Miami itself. Even the ghouls themselves will have slightly new additions such as rubber duck floaties and the likes. There will even new factions for you to explore, some taking on themes such as surfer boys and girls while others will be slightly different bands of survivors and settlers.

To play the mod, however, you will need to own a copy of Fallout 4 and both the Far Harbor and Nuka-World expansions. But this isn’t the only mod you should be keeping your eyes peeled out for when darting around any mod sites possible. For those looking for something a bit different from the coasts of Florida can prepare to cool things down as they head to the Pacific Northwest with locations such as Seattle.

While we know it’ll take place in areas such as Seattle, we don’t know just a whole lot more about it as the mod is still in development and the team is taking their time to ensure a solid experience. Luckily for you, their Facebook page is rather active in recent days. Fallout: Cascadia is already showing off the unique creativity by the team behind the game.

It’ll seemingly be treating whether just as Fallout 4 already does and even will feature entirely new traits for fans to enjoy. The only things we don’t know are if there will be new enemies, new items, or if there will even be an overall story that is affected by your choices made in the base game itself. Which is slightly different than what we see with the Miami mod itself.

All we can say? Both of these mods look great and both of them look like they’ll have a lot to offer. The only downside? Neither has a release date and neither of them will confirm nor deny if they’ll be out before Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 is set to release on Nov. 14, 2018, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will require an online connection in order to play.

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