The Road to QuakeCon 2018: 6 things you must do while in Dallas


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QuakeCon 2018 is quickly approaching us with only a week left before the Annual Greeting event begins. In order to help pass the time once the showroom floor begins to close, we’ve decided to compile 10 things you must absolutely do while in Dallas, TX.

When heading to QuakeCon 2018 you may be wondering what else there is to do when the showroom lights begin to dim and the crowds disperse. It’s an odd feeling when in a place you aren’t familiar with. What is there to do? What is there to go and see? Well, luckily for you, we have quite a few recommendations that you should check out when the show comes to an end for the day.

Luckily for you, many of these places are kid and adult friendly, meaning you can have fun with the family while on the go and enjoy the sights Dallas has to offer. So let’s get started.


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6. Deep Ellum Brewing Company | Official Site

Let’s face it. We all know it’s going to be hotter than Hell the moment id Software gives us our first look at the gameplay footage for their upcoming title DOOM Eternal as it debuts to the public. In order to help you cool off, it may not hurt to grab a cold beer from Deep Ellum Brewing Company, a place renowned for its craft beers and homely atmosphere. If you haven’t already had the chance, we highly recommend you head on down there, let them know Blast Away the Game Review sent you and try to beat the Dallas heat.


5. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament | Official Site

So you got the kids and you can’t head to a bar. That’s a bummer, but what if you could head to a tavern, grab a mug, and watch a few knights in shining armor clash against one another? That’s where the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament will get things taken care of. With some amazing food, a great show and a fun and friendly atmosphere, you really can’t go wrong at Medieval Times. However, you do have to reserve your spot ahead of time and can do so by taking the link above for the official site in order to register today.

Just remember, you can’t throw down a challenge for someone else’s food.


[Credits: Cravedfw | Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill]

4. Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill | Official Site

So you like cars, you lock rock n’ roll and you look some astoundingly well-cooked food. That’s where Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill has you covered. Known for their show and owner Richard Rawlings and his infamous love for classic cars, the Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill is just what you would hope it would be. It’s a perfect blend of everything him and his teams are known for and offers a delightful atmosphere that can be loud, it can be awesome, and you sure as heck won’t regret the trip.

If you head on down there, just remember, there’s cold beers, great food, and an awesome way to beat the heat.


[Credits: Strokers Dallas]

3. Strokers Dallas | Official Site

So, you have a slightly wilder side to you. You don’t want to be around kids, you don’t want to be around cars and you want and you decided you want something a bit less empty. That’s where Strokers Dallas comes into play. Owned by founder Rick Fairless, who’s renowned for his custom choppers. At his business Strokers Dallas, you can buy a custom chopper, get some food at the bar and grill, or head on over to the Tattoo & Piercing Parlor in order to show your love for everything DOOM related. Just remember, you may want to get a Lyft or Uber when you leave if you’ve had a beer or three.


2. Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

So beer, foods, nor a fighting knights has caught your attention. Instead, you don’t mind being outside, you don’t mind taking in the sights. That’s great and that’s where the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens comes into play. Here you can wander about, taking in the sights that await to be seen. Ranging from beautiful plants to soft trickles of water are a joyous thing to be seen and that’s just what this walk among nature will have to offer.

It’s just all around relaxing and you can’t exactly go wrong by visiting this amazing place. Just remember, take some water, you will want to have it at your side during a Texas summer.


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1. House of Blues | Official Site

After having been here multiple times, the House of Blues in Dallas is an absolute place you must visit. You can’t really go wrong with what they have to offer. The drinks, the atmosphere, the music, all of it is astonishingly well done. We’ve absolutely enjoyed going there every chance we have and the prices are actually pretty well adjusted. If you’re into the idea, we highly suggest you get yourself some food and enjoy the comforts of true southern cooking.

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