Amazon Prime’s 20% Discount on Video Game Remakes and Remasters axed


If you were looking to save some massive money on some of today’s biggest remasters and remakes, don’t expect to anymore, Amazon has effectively removed games such as Final Fantasy VII Remake, Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition, and Spyro Trilogy from the list of 20% off games.

If you are one that likes to pre-order games, save a few bucks on their remaster, and making your way into the world of discounted games, Amazon Prime was the place to go after Best Buy effectively shut down their Gamer’s Club Unlocked program earlier this year. In a bold move, it seems Amazon has once more begun to do the same, removing collector’s editions of games, Sony games, and even digital copies from the list of games you can get a discount off.

As an incentive for gaming, Amazon Prime has been offering 20% off their games for quite some time, and it seems that that offering is beginning to shrink without Amazon offering any transparency as to why. The newest update was pointed out by Cheap Ass Gamer who found the newest inclusion of the exclusionary items includes re-releases and re-mastered video games to their list of Amazon Prime ineligible titles.

What makes this addition problematic is the fact that fans may have already had games pre-ordered that wasn’t already on this list. With the releases of Shenmue 1 + 2 coming to consoles and PC on August 21st, is effective, a re-release which still receives it’s 20% off discount driving it down from $29.99 to around $24 USD.

What’s odd about this situation just happens to be its entirety. Removing the discount from previously released games which are remastered or remade are, for all intents and purposes, reworked games. Developers have still put a lot of time, a lot of money, and effort into modernizing their games, ensuring that their brand of games is known and that their products are well received by their fans.

All of this only seems to come to light shortly after Best Buy ended their Gamers Club Unlocked membership service, which was almost exactly the same as Amazon’s Prime discounts on games. The downside to this whole ordeal? Amazon has only recently hiked their membership costs up by $20 USD, and now that pre-order discounts have become even more limited. After the removal of Sony titles, we can only assume was quietly made at the request of Sony themselves, our options have grown even more limited in recent months.

we can only wonder if Amazon is getting heat from video game publishers and developers or if it’s just not worth the money as digital games are becoming a mainstream format in our current day and age. We’ll see what happens and the next few months, in general, should be rather interesting to see at the rate Amazon has been removing video game discounts over the past few months.

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