Monster Hunter: World’s Newest Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth Revealed

monster_hunter_world_kulve_taroth_02 [Credits: Capcom][/caption]Like anyone in the Monster Hunter: World community, you’re no doubt relaxing, enjoying the final days of the Spring Blossom Fest, which is coming to a close on April 19, 2018. With its closure comes a new threat, something bigger, meaner than ever before – the Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth. As part of our next title update, launching this Thursday, players will get to take on the biggest assignment yet: The Siege of Kulve Taroth.

Just like the Spring Blossom Fest, The Siege of Kulve Taroth is a limited-time quest type, which requires players to work together via the Gathering Hub, which means all hunters will need to gather in the same Gathering Hub (16 hunters in total) and all 16 will split off into groups of up to four hunters each, and will work together in order to investigate and ultimately hunt down Kulve Taroth.


[Credits: Capcom]

Capcom has outlined how the event will work once the teams split up into their groups of four. Each hunting party will be responsible for collecting as many tracks as possible and even attacking the Kulve Taroth as much as possible. Since the Siege is a group effort, players will contribute to the progress of the Siege and will also be able to break off as many parts as possible.

Since this new quest type is designed and balanced for the multiplayer, you may want to consider grabbing a few squad members, join up in a lobby, and even make sure to coordinate with the other players around you for maximum rewards that can be earned per Siege. Since the goal of this Siege is to repel the Kulve Taroth, players can take time in order to collect quite a few crafting materials from its golden mantle and will be an enticing spot to attack for those you looking to craft new weapons, armor, and gear for your furry little Palic friend.

But there’s a catch. The weapons on the Kulve gear is completely random and the nature, as well as quality, are entirely up to luck. You can check out the teaser trailer down below for the April content update that goes live tomorrow.

Capcom has revealed that the Siege of Kulve Taroth will start tomorrow April 18, at 5pm PT/ 7pm CST / 8pm EST. At the time of writing, Capcom has said that details about future Sieges are scarce, but the possibility is there. Our guess? You might want to farm this as much as possible.

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