Tony Hawk Confirms He’s No Longer Working with Activision


After the mind-blowing success of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series, it seemed with the last few titles that the relationship between Tony Hawk and Activision may not have been the best. As of today, it seems that the plausible rockiness between the two had finally escalated to the point that the pro skater and Activision have parted ways as confirmed by Tony Hawk himself.

The message from Tony “The Birdman” Hawk after he’d received an insurmountable amount of messages requesting for remasters of classic Tony Hawk related titles and even going as far as to complain directly to him about the quality of games in recent years. While the recent releases may not have been as good as previous titles such as the critically acclaimed Tony Hawk Pro Skater Underground, he became the unfortunate target of the recent push for improvements to be made and even servers for the games to be booted back up. You can see his response down below.

While it’s no surprise that the tweet would eventually be made, we didn’t expect it to happen after the Activision’s rough launch with the latest title in the franchise, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5, which was critically panned as one of the worst launches the franchise has had since its debut. In recent days, fans have been placing the blame on both Activision and Tony Hawk himself.

However, Tony isn’t the only one to fall victim to such troubles – figureheads such as Rory McElroy, Tiger Woods, and even the late Tom Clancy himself have all been pinned for the shortcomings of games their names are tied to in the past. It’s just troubling to see it has gone this far and that Tony himself has had to express his frustrations through social media.

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