Pokémon GO is Dropping Support for Older iPhones


In a recent announcement on their official blog, Niantic has recently announced that their support for older iPhone models is slowly coming to an end. While the highly popular Pokémon GO remains one of the most played mobile games on the market, the team has announced that the need for iOS11 is becoming inevitable for iPhone users.

In the official statement, the developer has announced any phone release before the iPhone 6 will lose all support for the game. Since the location-based smash-hit title is losing this support, we can only reckon that this move will force some fans of the game to upgrade sooner than later. Unfortunately, if you are an iPhone 5 or 5C user, or earlier, you may want to consider upgrading your phone before February 28th, 2018.

You can check out the full list of devices that will be losing support here. Additionally, the team has confirmed that this will affect iPad users as well. If you are using an iPad on the go, you may find your device no-longer able to run the game or update it at all. After the update goes live, you’ll find yourself unable to access your Pokémon GO account, access your PokéCoins or access items in your bags.

While the game has certainly lost a large number of users since its launch, the game still remains highly popular and is still ranked as one of the highest-grossing games on the App Store. Sadly, this update could very well affect a good portion of Niantic’s younger audience and leave them unable to play. We’ll keep you updated once the changes are made to the game via an update.

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