Need a Gift for a Gamer? Here’s a Few Ideas to Help You Out.


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 Lets face it. Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Yule and many more such holidays are preparing to get underway and that means last minute gift shopping is hard to do. Even with last minute shopping comes the hassle of making sure your gift arrives on time and that you may just not be able to complete what you are doing.

It’s a pain and ensuring you get that mind blowing gift for the gamer you love is a pain in the rear. But what if you could do something new, something original and ensure the gamer you know and love is absolutely mind blown when they receive what you’ve found? That’s just what we are here to help you do – blow their mind.


[Credits: Digital Extremes]

Warframe – 3-Pack Prime Poster Pack | $29.99

Warframe is without a doubt one of our favorite games to cover. It’s a game that’s always changing, always evolving, and is developed by a team we absolutely adore in our year(s) of working with them. Let alone is their game absolutely top notch, so are their collectibles, clothing items, and even their in-game content. But lets be honest about one thing. Not everyone wants digital goods. Sometimes physical goods are even better.

Not quite sure they’d ensure a few posters to hang up after framing them? You can always head on over to the official Warframe Merchandise Store and find that awesome nifty gift that may just happen to be a Limited Edition statue of their favorite frame.


Ladies Dark Brotherhood ANGL Hoodie | $26.99

Ladies, we know you are out there also and we can’t forget that some of you just want a nice, comfortable and completely badass hoodie to wear. Since winter is here to stay for the next several months, guys or ladies, why not give your partner something to warm up with and help them remain cozy while they game?

This uniquely crafted Ladies Dark Brotherhood ANGL hoodie is just the hoodie to do so with. It’s completely amazing and if I were being honest, I’m a bit jealous they don’t have one for men. If this hoodie isn’t for them? You can always visit the Bethesda Store and see what they might enjoy.


[Credits: Blizzard]

Ovewatch Rikimaru Ramen Bowl Set | $25.00

Gamers love food. Some of just happen to love Ramen more than anything on the face of this planet and Overwatch just happens to have angled themselves correctly towards those whom may love ramen. After all, the ramen we love varies from place to place and it’s sometimes hard to imagine just what kind of ramen we all may want.

In order to help treat the person we know that loves ramen, it may just be time to buckle down and have a set to go with our carry out – if you get carry out. Even if not, there’s still a nifty reason to have one such thing. If you’re a fan of the game or know someone that is, this little collectible will go a long ways as they can eat their soup, cereal or even, y’know, just put their favorite snacks in the bowl while they queue in for their matches.

If that’s not something they may enjoy, the Blizzard Gear Store has a lot of great items and a lot that may just appeal to the gamer in your life.


[Credits: Activision]

Call of Duty: WWII Field Jacket | $49.95

Call of Duty: WWII has become a global phenomenon by absolutely smashing and records by previous games. It’s even sent the likes of Star Wars Battlefront II running home due to it having outsold the game on Black Friday. For fans, it’s one of the best in the franchise in recent days and even gives fans a lot to look forward to if Activision keeps following this path.

If you are wanting to really drive home this holiday season, cheer the child, best friend, family member, lady or gentlemen in your life with this amazing jacket and really drive it home for them. If this isn’t what they may like, you can always check it out the official Call of Duty Shop and see if they have something you may enjoy.


[Credits: Mojang]

Lego Mincraft: The Farm Set | $29.99

It’s surprising in many ways. Minecraft is still a smash hit phenomenon for both kids and adults. But so is the act that Lego is as well. After all, we have Lego games, we have Lego movies, and we even have Lego collectibles outside of their building blocks. Both franchises are mega bit hits with everyone of all ages and you know what? You can’t really go wrong at all with an amazing Lego set. After all, who doesn’t want to build their own Lego farm and show it off to the world? Add in the act there’s quite a few sets out there or Minecraft Lego’s.


Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp | $18.99

There’s no surprise that ThinkGeek can somehow surprise us. After all, who doesn’t want a lamp that you can slowly take apart and remount pieces into it and still have the cool Tetris look? That’s what this lamp is all about. It’s retro, it’s Tetris and it’s almost fully customizable, so why not help spice up the living room, office, kitchen, bedroom or even bathroom with some awesome retro fun?


TLoZ: Breath of the Wild Link’s Tunic | $69.99

Lets be honest here. We were all jealous of Eiji Aonuma when he walked out during The Game Awards 2017 wearing Link’s tunic holding a replica Master Sword. Trust me, we all wanted it, and most of us The Legend of Zelda fans have been trying to figure out how to get our hands on one or the other or both for that matter.

Luckily for us, ThinkGeek has made that completely possible with their spectacular Breath of the Wild Collection, which can be found exclusively through their website. The only downside? These items are not on sale. They are some of ThinkGeek’s top of the line products, which means you may be throwing out a chunk or two of change in order to get the gift you’ve been wanting to surprise someone with.

But y’know what? We all know you were going to do this regardless.

Closing Thoughts

While our suggestions are merely just suggestions, we hope that these gave you a few ideas and will help you blow away the perosn you are shopping for. If you have a suggestion for your fellow gamers, geeks, and nerds – let them know in the comments with a link, suggestion, or, y’know. Contact Us and let us know what you’d like to see added to this list.

But from all of us here at Blast Away the Game Review, we wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year.


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