Jupiter & Mars Set to Launch on PlayStation 4 and PSVR

Jupiter & Mars_PSX_4

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if Ecco the Dolphin were to be released on modern consoles? What if that was the case in the modern day through the vision of creative director James Mielke and the team at Tigertron’s vision? That’s where Jupiter & Mars steps in and whisks us away into the ocean blue as two new dolphin friends.

Tigertron’s upcoming project is one that’s been inspired by environmental activism and an awareness about the world about us. Jupiter & Mars, the debut title from Tigertron, is a shining example of their passions and want to raise awareness about our alarmingly polluted oceans. Their debut title Jupiter & Mars is a fantastically beautiful, futuristic, and neon lit world where the oceans depths have risen beyond that of what humans can sustain life within.

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During the PlayStation Experience 2017 event, Jupiter & Mars is a game that will be taking fans on a wild adventure through the games puzzle and action like elements. The upcoming game, as described by James Mielke, is one that should be provoke ones thoughts about if our world can truly come to this point of no return.

The game will tell its story in both VR and non-VR elements for those who wish to experience the game on their television set. The game itself will tell its tale through its beautifully stunning visuals, mind-blowing audio, and haptic feedback that players will experience when the game launches in May of 2018.

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