Here’s the Best Deals For Some of 2017’s Biggest Games


Gamers, nerds, and geeks – it’s our favorite time of year once again. There are some major deals out there for us to take advantage of. There’s some major deals for us to love and get our hands on. This time of year, we can get some of the best collectibles, games, movies, comics, and even wearable items at some knockout prices, and to help you find them – we’ve made a list for you.

So what exactly does this list contain? The best deals, where to find them, and how to get your hands on them starting Thursday night whether you are online or offline. While we certainly wish we could tell you what the best Cyber Monday deals looked like, we really can’t get to that at this very moment, and will gladly be doing so in the upcoming days.

So lets see just how big you can save with some of this years biggest video game releases.


[Credits: Activision Blizzard]

Call of Duty: WWII | Price: $59.99 – $39.99 | Best Buy

Featuring big name actors such as Josh Duhamel, Jonathon Tucker, David Tenant, Ving Rhames, and Elodie Young; Call of Duty: WWII is quite possibly one of the franchises most anticipated games to date. Taking players back to World War 2 and the famed Call of Duty Zombies mode, fans have taken to the game by storm, and highly appraised its classic gameplay mechanics in the modern era.

To help beat you to your local Best Buy, Elite and Elite Plus members can start shopping Black Friday specials starting today through

Destiny 2_20171017025609

[Credits: Bungie]

Destiny 2 | Price: $59.99 – $29.99 | Target and Best Buy

Destiny 2 (our review can be read here), dispite its mild shortcomings, is one of 2017’s biggest hits. To help get players started on their latest adventure as a Guardian and to help them protect ‘The Last City’, both Best Buy and Target are having solid sales on Bungie’s latest online focused shooter. However, starting today, Best Buy Elite and Elite Plus members can jump ont his offer starting today in order to get their hands on Destiny 2 ahead of the crowds.


[Credits: Monolith/WB Interactive]

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War | Price: $59.99 – $29.99 | Best Buy, Target, and Wal-Mart

If you haven’t had enough of taking out orcs, foiling the plans of Sauron, and freeing Middle-Earth from all the tyranny that it faces; this is just your chance to do so. Starting this week, fans can once more take on their role of Talion and his cohort Celebrimbor as they face down Sauron’s forces on the back of wild creatures from the famed J.R.R. Tolkien series The Lord of the Rings in order to save the world from destruction.


[Credits: EA]

Madden 2018 | Price: $59.99 – $29.99 | Best Buy, Target, and Wal-Mart

If you’re a sports fan and one that enjoys football, then you know Madden 2018 is a must have for fans of football. Luckily for you, this is also a great time to catch up on some missed games, and even have a blast with a couple of pales over a few slices of pizza and beer while showing why your team deserves a chance at the Super Bowl in 2018.


[Credits: EA]

EA Sports FIFA 2018 Price: $59.99 – $29.99 | Best Buy, Target, and Wal-Mart

Not a fan of football, but prefer soccer? This is the perfect chance for you to get your hands on a copy of Fifa 2018 and show your friends why your team is one of the best in the world. Don’t forget, you can also take on your own career, build your team up, and show the world who the best of the best is.


[Credits: WB Interactive]

Injustice 2 | Price: $59.99 – $19.99 | Best Buy

Ever wanted to see some of your top-picked super heroes duke it out across the DC multiverse? What about a few villains tossed into the mix and even a four rather unique turtles on the half-shell? That’s where Injustice 2 comes to play. Taking some of the best mechanics from Injustice and infusing those mechanics with Mortal Kombat X was just what the doctor ordered. Toss in a rather irate Man of Steel into the mix and you have one of the best DC Multiverse stories out there as a fighting game. So why not let the smack-talk begin and show your friends who your favorite fighter is?


[Credits: Nintendo]

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia | Price: $39.99 – $29.99 |Best Buy

Are you a fan of tactical gameplay and strategic planning with RPG infused elements? Then Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is right up your alley. Using strategic RPG gameplay at its core, Fire Emblem puts players in a place where every move, every decision, and every moved unit is a critical decision as they search for success. Unfortunately, this means one wrong move could be their overwhelming end, and could see them succeed or fail based upon the choices they make, but the fate of the world about you, is ultimately for you to decide as your adventure gets underway.


[Credits: ATLUS]

Persona 5 | Price: $59.99 – $29.99 |Best Buy

When we reviewed Persona 5 earlier this year, we stated that ATLUS, the publisher, decided to change the status quo, and gave us an adventure unlike any other. We also stated that their latest story breaks some tradition for the franchise, but it does not take away its core elements. It’s a game that is both fun, enlightening, and sees players taking on the life as a group of high school students that seek to take on a threat unlike any before within the franchise. This game tells the tale of four specific students in an adventure about righting wrongs that been been done, and most-of-all, changing hearts of those whom did the wrong deeds they had done.


[Credits: Square Enix]

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age| Price: $49.99 – $29.99 |Best Buy

Square Enix hasn’t been shy about remastering their games. This time around, they’ve done it again, and in a masterfully completed way. They managed to bring Final Fantasy XII back to life, and did it in an astonishing manner. This time in 1080p, with a few new features, and extremely smooth frame rates, allowing fans the ultimate Final Fantasy XII experience exclusively on the PlayStation 4.


[Credits: SEGA]

Yakuza 0 | Price: $59.99 – $29.99 |Best Buy

Ever wanted to go back into the Yakuza universe and see how it all began? Then this is one that could be going right up your alley. Yakuza 0 is where it all starts. It’s how it all began and sets the stepping stones for the rest of the franchise. Players can adventure through a rather immersive experience with Yakuza’s traditional brawler style combat, open world, and karaoke bar fun styled fun with mini games from the franchise.

The Evil Within® 2_20171023000001

[Credits: Bethesda Softworks]

The Evil Within 2| Price: $59.99 – $24.99 |Best Buy

The Evil Within 2, in our review, was considered one of the best horror-survival in recent years and even completely reinvented itself for the better. Standing out as a semi-open world experience, The Evil Within 2 is a strong recommendation for folks wanting a solid title that has a lot to offer for those daring to take on its creepy monster infested world while searching for their characters daughter.


[Credits: Bethesda Softworks]

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus| Price: $59.99 – $29.99 | Wal-Mart

Have you ever really, really wanted to punch a Nazi in the face, and not get in trouble with the law? That’s exactly where Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus comes into play. Let alone will you get to punch a Nazi in the face, you’ll get to do quite a bit more than that as you hunt down Nazi forces and even save humanity from the confines of Nazi oppression in this latest title. This time


[Credits: Ubisoft]

South Park: The Fractured But Whole| Price: $59.99 – $29.99 |Wal-Mart

If fart jokes, lewd humour, and nothing being off limits is your kind of deal, then South Park: The Fractured But Whole is right up your alley. Serving as a follow-up to their wild adventure in South Park: The Stick of Truth, Cartman and friends are back. This time around they’ve decided to turn in their Dungeons and Dragon’s manuals in and decided to become a few super heroes solving the mysteries of South Park itself. This time around, the humour is even more abrasive, the fart jokes are real, and there is nothing off limits for just how far this gang of adolescent brats are willing to go.


[Credits: Bandai Namco]

Project Cars 2| Price: $59.99 – $29.99 |Best Buy

Looking to obtain one of the most realistic racing experiences ever? Then look no further. Project Cars 2 should be right up your alley. It’s one of the strongest titles out there and brings quite a bit to the table for racing fans to enjoy. Rated as one of our top favorites of the year, we have to highly suggest it, and recommend it for those enthusiasts who love cars, but don’t want to spend the money to work on them day in and out. We also suggested that it’s one of the best looking games of the year that fans should be enjoying inside and out.

Closing Thoughts

There’s a lot of hard-to-recommend titles out there, but because many of these are brand new releases; we couldn’t help, but recommend the most recent releases at highly discounted prices. If these are for you, stay tuned for our next list as we will be suggesting gifts outside of video games for fans to look forwards to when shopping later this week.

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