YesOjo is Working on a Nintendo Switch Projector


When we have a Nintendo Switch with us, we may not always have a T.V. where we are at. We may not always even have our current T.V. even available or you may be at a convention or party where a television may not be available. That may not be the case much longer thanks to a company called YesOjo, whom just happens to be working on a project called the Ojo Projector. It’s task is simple: It wasn’t to be the projector for your Nintendo Switch.

The project is slated to hit Indiegogo at the end of this month on Oct. 24th. According to the project, the projector promises to create a viewing area of 30-inches to 120-inch screens for you to play your games on. The device will feature HDMI input for other devices, say your BluRay player or even your PlayStation 4 if you have one near by. The Ojo will also come with a 4-hour battery as well as auxiliary ports for plugging in speakers.


The Ojo projector from YesOjo, which is hitting Indiegogo on Oct. 24, looks like a short Nintendo Switch dock that has the projector part attached to it. The projector promises to create a 30-inch to 120-inch screen, includes an HDMI input for other devices, a 4-hour battery and an auxiliary port for plugging in speakers. You can check out the full details down below.


While the dock isn’t verified by Nintendo, we can assume that the company is working with knowledge of what the Nintendo Switch already has in its original dock, and will be able to avoid any problems with the handheld that Nintendo may not cover.

What’s your thoughts? Do you want a Dock-based projector? Sound off in the comments. We for one, are excited about this latest adventure in gaming hardware for the Nintendo Switch.

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