Street Fighter V EVO 2017 Finalist Requested to Change His Characters Costume by ESPN


Known as one of the most renowned games in the fighting genre, Capcom’s Street Fighter V remains to be a mega-success in the industry. Their characters have been known to be outrageous, provoking, and at times; downright hysterical. However, one of the long time characters of the series, Cammy, whom has been dawning her bodysuit for 24 years this year, doesn’t seem to comply with some standards set by the broadcasting company ESPN.

A bit of tension has since flared up a firestorm due to the EVO 2017 e-sports tournament that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada over the weekend. When Japanese player, Ryota Inoue (pictured above, also goes by Kazunoko) advanced to the finals to compete against Du Dang (KnuckleDu), he decided to find himself picking his strongest character: Cammy.


Just like in fighting games such as Mortal Kombat and TekkenStreet Fighter V allows for players to select their costumes. For his first match against NuckleDu, Kazunoko selected Cammy’s default costume. The costume, which serves as her legacy since 1993 in Super Street Fighter II, a body-fitting green suit. This seemed to be no problem as he had been playing for quit some time, and soon he selected her Capcom Pro Tour costume, which featured her in a short-hemmed, but rather modest, formal dress (as pictured below).


During their second round, he had to switch to he dress due to how “revealing the costume had been, and soon after, Kazunoko, you can see gave the official a puzzled look as the official changed  the costume back to the Capcom Pro Tour outfit, but the question brings forth, why is her costume against their broadcast standards? You can see the video down below where the officials stepped in around the 6:50 mark on the video.


While there is no doubt that Cammy’s standard costume does show a lot of skin, there’s even about the same amount shown when ESPN hosts volleyball, mixed-martial arts matches, or even during their swim-suit shows. While there’s no doubt a bit of concern to be had, this brings out the point: Cammy is a purely digital being. She does not have the issues presented by modern day clothing and will never see anything revealing show. So why the fuss? There shouldn’t be any.

While e-sports will continue to grow in the oncoming years, there’s no doubt that EVO and many other adventures will grow, and so will the needs by broadcasters such as ESPN may need to adapt their broadcasting allowances to evolve. While some may find issues with costumes such as Cammy’s, which has never been a problem before with even streaming services such as Twitch or YouTube. Maybe it’s time for the broadcasters to grow used to what gamers have for over 20 years or perhaps they throw out a few dollars and have a custom skin made just for their events.

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What’s your thoughts? Did ESPN go to far or do you think Cammy’s suit is to revealing for being aired on TV? Sound off in the comments.

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